When is the Schoolies Hub on?

    The Schoolies Hub is on nightly between 7pm and midnight from Saturday 18 – Friday 24 November 2023.

    The Schoolies Hub is a fenced, alcohol and drug-free entertainment precinct on the beach that is open every night from 7pm. It offers six nights of live DJ entertainment across two stages as well as Tuesday Night Live (Tuesday 21 November) including a silent dance party, live bands and glow fiesta for a more chilled out environment to enjoy with your friends.

    The best part of all is that it’s free to attend – you just need your official Schoolies Hub wristband to gain entry.

    How do I get access to the Schoolies Hub?

    The Schoolies Hub is for genuine 2023 Year 12 school leavers only. To gain entry, you must be wearing an official Schoolies Hub wristband.

    Register for your free Schoolies Hub wristband via our wristband registration page today.

    Is it true the beach party (Schoolies Hub) has been moved up to the Spit?


    The Schoolies Hub remains on the beach at Surfers Paradise - right at the end of Cavill Mall (check out our Safer Schoolies map (PDF, 202.1KB) )

    The Schoolies Hub is the only true beach party and is open every night from 7pm.

    Access to the Schoolies Hub is not linked to accommodation bookings. You do not need to purchase anything. All you need to do is register for your Schoolies Hub wristband closer to Schoolies week.

    I’m staying at our family apartment in Surfers, can I access the Schoolies Hub?


    If you are a genuine 2023 Year 12 school leaver, you can access the Schoolies Hub with an official Schoolies Hub wristband, no matter where you are staying.

    Registering for a Schoolies Hub wristband is separate to any accommodation bookings made through commercial providers.

    This means you can access the Schoolies Hub if you are staying in private accommodation (e.g. Airbnb, home, holiday home).

    During Schoolies, there are other parties and events, but these are separate to the Schoolies Hub and are run by commercial providers. You will need to contact them for further information about ticket sales.

    Can I take a bag into the Schoolies Hub?


    For the safety of everyone, no bags are allowed inside the Schoolies Hub. Clear plastic pouches (which hold your phone and other important items) can be worn into the Schoolies Hub. Pouches are available when collecting your Schoolies Hub wristband from the Wristband Centre.

    As there are no cloakroom facilities available, we strongly suggest you leave your bags and valuable items at your accommodation.

    Can I go to the Schoolies Hub in 'Week 2'?


    The Schoolies Hub is only activated during the peak Schoolies period (18–24 November 2023).

    If you are visiting the Gold Coast after 24 November 2023, please refer any enquiries to your booking agent or entertainment provider.