Do I need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19?

    Yes, all volunteers must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 unless you have eligible proof of a vaccination exemption. For the purposes of complying with current public health orders, you are considered fully vaccinated if you have had two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

    What do I need to be a Safer Schoolies Volunteer?

    You must be 19+years, undergo training, hold a current Blue Card (or we can assist you in applying for one) and be able to work in a team environment.

    What days and times do you need volunteers?

    Shifts are flexible from one day to the entire week. Times for the 2023 Response will be released in mid-2023.

    How do I sign up?

    Registrations for the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response will be available in mid-2023.

    How much does a Blue Card cost?

    There is no cost involved for the Blue Cards as you will be volunteering.

    I already have a Blue Card, do I need to do anything?

    We will need you to fill out a Blue Card Linking form to link you to our organisation.

    I work and have Uni during the week, when could I volunteer?

    Shift times are flexible and you get to nominate your availability when you register through Better Impact. When scheduling shifts, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

    I can only volunteer one day, can I still sign up?

    Shift times are flexible and you get to nominate your availability when you register through Better Impact. When scheduling shifts, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

    You get to nominate your availability when you register.

    What roles do Safer Schoolies Volunteers undertake?

    We have three key roles available:

    1. Wristband Assistant – in this role, you would be located at our Wristband Centre and will have the role of placing wristbands onto school leaver’s wrists, recording statistics and entering data via an iPad, assisting with queue monitoring, as well as providing information and assistance to school leavers preparing to collect their wristband.
    2. Roving Street/Beach Patrols – in this role you would be walking the Response Zone in groups providing information, advice and directions to school leavers and general Surfers Paradise visitors, walking schoolies back to their accommodation, identifying schoolies in need of assistance and referring them to the appropriate support service.
    3. Volunteer Space Assistant – for people that are not interested or unable to be a roving volunteer but would still like to volunteer their time, we require assistance in the running of our Volunteer Space. Roles would consist of general light duties including administration, food preparation and other responsibilities as designated.

    How long is a shift?

    Shifts are usually 5 to 6 hours in length but we can always work to accommodate you.

    Is there any training?

    Yes, and it is compulsory for all volunteers to attend one session.

    Does it take long to sign up?

    The application itself will take approximately 10 minutes. The Blue Card checks may take up to six weeks so we encourage you to get the process started sooner rather than later.

    Can I get a certificate for the volunteer hours I complete, so it can count towards my required hours for Uni/TAFE/college?

    Yes – each volunteer receives a certificate and if required, we can provide further certification of the hours volunteered.

    My friend and I are both signing up to volunteer. Can we be rostered onto the same SST team together? And how do we note this when registering?

    Absolutely! We organise the teams on the night so as long as you are both working the same shift, then you can work in the same team.

    There is also a question in the registration form that allows you to nominate the person/s that you wish to work with.

    What will volunteers get out of the experience?

    Giving back to the community. A sense of pride.

    Helping keep school leavers, and the broader community, safe.

    The opportunity to forge new friendships.

    For students: those who are studying criminology, law, nursing, medicine or paramedicine, volunteering as a School Leaver Support Team member offers the chance to gain valuable experience – it will also look great on your resume.