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    Information and advice to help Accommodation Managers help young people stay safe during the school leaver holiday period.

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    Information for the local Gold Coast community about the school leaver holiday period.

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    Latest information around road closures required in Surfers Paradise during Schoolies to keep all pedestrians safe.

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Gold Coast local community

Whilst end-of-school celebrations will look very different for Year 12 graduates this year, the Safer Schoolies team remain committed to assisting those young people that may still choose to visit Surfers Paradise to mark this milestone in their lives.

The 2020 School Leaver Support Model – Gold Coast will be delivered in a COVID safe manner and will offer an integrated health and wellbeing space where young people in need can receive assistance, including emergency medical services and specialist mental health support.

The government does not promote these celebrations but realises in 2020 there is still a need to support any underage and unsupervised Year 12 school leavers who may be present in the Surfers Paradise precinct, and the local community.

The 2020 School Leaver Support Model will be activated from Saturday 21 November to Friday 27 November.

The Safer Schoolies team are here to help you prepare. We have created an Information Guide (PDF, 286 KB) designed to provide you with information you may need during the School Leaver Support Model.

The ongoing patience and support of the Gold Coast community during the school leaver holiday period is recognised and greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your helping keep young people and the local community safe.

Gold Coast local residents

Information for residents in and around Surfers Paradise is provided through an annual newsletter in the lead up to the school leaver holiday period and contains important information about the School Leaver Support Model including information on road closures, emergency contacts and available for school leavers.

If you are a local Gold Coast resident and have an interest in the school leaver holiday period, you may like to consider volunteering.  In excess of 1,000 volunteers participate each year to support school leavers and the community, through a range of volunteer programs.

Gold Coast businesses

Businesses operating in school leaver holiday destinations are encouraged to promote positive, responsible and healthy behaviour when promoting their goods and services to school leavers.

During this period, it is highly likely that the young people looking to purchase your goods and/or services will be under the age of 18.

Businesses are encouraged to act in a socially responsible manner and ensure that school leavers understand their rights and responsibilities, particularly when hiring equipment.

Business may also like to consider offering discounts or special deals for school leavers. 

Important contacts during the school leaver holiday period

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In case of emergency
In case of an emergency, don't risk it. Always call Triple Zero (000).