Parents and guardians

What support will be available for teenagers during Schoolies?

The Queensland Government does not promote participation in Schoolies but seeks to enhance the safety and responsible behaviour of school-leavers at Safer Schoolies locations and to minimise disruption to local communities. As part of the Safer Schoolies Initiative, a range of safety and support services will be provided at the key Schoolies destinations in Queensland.

Each Safer Schoolies location has its own access requirements, but all require proof of student photo ID to take advantage of the free activities and support services available. Visit Access and Identification for more information.

Police, emergency services, security, volunteers and officials will maintain a highly visible presence, providing schoolies with medical assistance, general support and advice.

Safety initiatives include wristbands or photo ID for identification, street patrols, walk-home services, schoolies-only areas, free water and medical assistance. Red Frogs Australia also provides support to schoolies in accommodation venues.

Volunteers play a vital role in helping to keep school leavers safe. All volunteers have a Blue Card, agree to a code of conduct and receive training.

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your children for Schoolies:

Providing alcohol to underage children where there is no responsible supervision is not only dangerous, it is illegal. Penalties are high. If you get caught providing alcohol to your underage child for consumption in an unsupervised environment and you will face penalties of up to $10,444.