Schoolies on the Gold Coast

As the parent of a Year 12 school leaver, you play a vital role in preparing your teen for their end-of-year celebrations. Taking an active role in their lives, especially as they are experiencing a time of great change and transitioning to life after school, can encourage open communication which often influences whether your teen participates in risk taking behaviour.

  • Starting the conversation

    We are often contacted by worried parents for advice on how to help their teens stay safe at Schoolies. Start the conversation early, ask questions, share important information and don't shy away from the 'awkward' topics.

  • Staying safe

    To help you actively play a part in setting your teen up for a healthy and safe Schoolies, below you will find some key areas and advice that we encourage you to discuss with your teen leading up to their end of year celebrations.

  • Support on the Gold Coast

    Every year, we put on the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response to ensure the holiday period is as safe as possible for school leavers, local residents, businesses and the community in general.

  • Rights and responsibilities

    Regardless of where your teen is choosing to celebrate Schoolies, it’s important that they are aware of the laws surrounding alcohol, drugs and responsible behaviour may be different in each state or country.