• Strategies and advice to help your teen stay safe if they do choose to have sex at Schoolies.

  • Advice on how your teen can keep themselves safe whilst using social media.

  • Tips and advice to help your teen stay safe whilst drinking during Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help your teen safe around drugs at Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help keep your teen safe when out and about during Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help keep your teen safe in their Schoolies accommodation.

  • Ways to stay connected and support your teen during Schoolies.

You may think that the safest place for your teen to hang out during Schoolies is in their accommodation but often, it can be the place where risk taking behaviour is at its highest. It may seem like common sense but we encourage you to take the time to discuss with your teen key tips to keeping them safe in their accommodation.

Top ten points to help keep your teen safe in their accommodation:

  1. Make sure your teen reads their accommodation house rules before they head to Schoolies – outlines acceptable behaviour and rules that must be abided by during their stay including whether they are allowed visitors back to their apartment and some even list whether they can bring in glass to the apartment (yes, including jars of jam and spaghetti sauce).
  2. Take care on balconies, especially if under the influence – your teen faces eviction, being charged by the police or more importantly, endangering their life if they behave irresponsibly on balconies
  3. Overcrowding of lifts can result in entrapment and your teen could face serious health risks or be evicted. Remind your teen to pay attention to displayed load limits and wait for the next one if it’s full.
  4. Discuss being wary of who your teen and friends invite back to their accommodation – always check with roommates before extending any invitations.
  5. Keep valuables locked in accommodation safe or don’t take to Schoolies in the first place.
  6. Make sure your teen catches up with their mates about each other’s expectations for the week – including what behaviour is acceptable and their thoughts on visitors, partying and responsibilities within the accommodation.
  7. It’s a good idea for everyone's financial contribution to be paid before Schoolies - including food, accommodation and bond costs.
  8. The streets can look very different in the dark so suggest your teen drops a pin in Google or saves their accommodation address in their phone.
  9. Be respectful that permanent residents and other holiday makers may also be staying in the same accommodation – think about noise especially when coming home from the Schoolies Hub on the beach.
  10. Inspect accommodation carefully upon arrival – take photos of any existing damage and report immediately so that they can't be blamed for it later.