• Strategies and advice to help your teen stay safe if they do choose to have sex at Schoolies.

  • Advice on how your teen can keep themselves safe whilst using social media.

  • Tips and advice to help your teen stay safe whilst drinking during Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help your teen safe around drugs at Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help keep your teen safe when out and about during Schoolies.

  • Tips and advice to help keep your teen safe in their Schoolies accommodation.

  • Ways to stay connected and support your teen during Schoolies.

As a parent/guardian, drug use is often one of the biggest concerns when it comes to allowing your teen to celebrate Schoolies. The only way to ensure your teen’s safety around drugs at Schoolies, is to empower them to say no.

When talking to your teen about drug use at Schoolies, remind them that every time they take drugs, they are gambling with their life and their future. Schoolies is about creating great memories, not bad ones.

Top ten discussion points for the teen who chooses to take illicit drugs at Schoolies:

  1. The only way to stay safe around drugs at Schoolies is to not take them. There is no safe level of illicit drug use – taking drugs is always risky.
  2. Every time your teen takes drugs, they are gambling with their life - communicate how valuable their lives are and how you would feel if anything happened to them.
  3. No one can ever be sure of what they are taking, but more importantly, your teen can never know how their body will react - effects can vary between people or can give different results for the same person on different occasions.
  4. Don’t mix drugs including alcohol, prescription medication or caffeine
  5. Drugs and depression don’t mix – they can heighten moods and make symptoms worse
  6. Misuse of legally purchased substances (e.g. inhaling nangs), is not risk-free and can be harmful to their health
  7. It is illegal for your teen to give someone prescription drugs, other than as prescribed
  8. The possession and consumption of illicit drugs is illegal in Australia. Drug convictions can affect future employment options and the ability to travel overseas. Remind your teen that good choices make great futures.
  9. Do not drink or drive when under the influence of illicit drugs as they affect your judgement, reflexes and the ability to make good decisions.
  10. In an emergency, don’t risk it – always call Triple Zero (000). Remind your teen to never let the fear of getting into trouble stop them from calling Triple Zero (000). The health and safety of the patient is the main concern of emergency services.