• Starting the conversation

    We are often contacted by worried parents for advice on how to help their teens stay safe at Schoolies. Start the conversation early, ask questions, share important information and don't shy away from the 'awkward' topics.

  • Staying safe

    To help you actively play a part in setting your teen up for a healthy and safe Schoolies, below you will find some key areas and advice that we encourage you to discuss with your teen leading up to their end of year celebrations.

  • Relationships and wellbeing

    Schoolies is often promoted as the best week of your teen's life but this is often not the case.

  • Rights and responsibilities

    Regardless of where your teen is choosing to celebrate Schoolies, it's important that they are aware of the laws surrounding alcohol, drugs and responsible behaviour may be different in each state or country.

  • Support on the Gold Coast

    Every year, we put on the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response to ensure the holiday period is as safe as possible for school leavers, local residents, businesses and the community in general.

  • Schoolies in other locations

    Information about locations other than the Gold Coast and Airlie Beach.

Support on the Gold Coast

As Schoolies gets closer, you might be feeling conflicted about letting your teen head off to Schoolies. On one hand, you want them to celebrate their achievements and know that you trust them as they head off for their well-deserved break. On the other hand, you want to keep them safe and away from high-risk situations.

Every year, we put on the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response to ensure the holiday period is as safe as possible for school leavers, local residents, businesses and the community in general. In 2021, the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response will be activated from Saturday 20 – Friday 26 November.

Our seven night safety response is not an event or festival to attract school leavers. It is a whole of government response that provides a nightly program of free diversionary activities which aim to deter school leavers from high risk behaviour and engage them in an alcohol and drug free, schoolies-only, area.

There is always someone to help

To help keep your teen as safe as possible, a range of FREE support is provided for schoolies holidaying on the Gold Coast during Saturday 20 – Friday 26 November 2021.

Whether they need a friend to talk to, someone to walk them home, an in-room pancake cook up or first aid, know that there will always be someone available to help them - without judgement.

  • Safer Schoolies Volunteers – whether they need a walk home, are feeling unwell, have a friend who has drunk too much or just need a friendly face to talk to, a team of volunteers (wearing the bright orange vests) will always be available to help. The Safer Schoolies Volunteers walk the streets of Surfers Paradise from 6pm nightly.
  • Recharge Zones head to a Recharge Zone for free water, a quiet place to regroup, or support of any kind including medical attention without judgement. Two Recharge Zone tents can be found within the Beach Party (right near each stage) and one outside the Schoolies Hub entry on the Esplanade.
  • Schoolies Support Space – Staffed by trained volunteers, the Schoolies Support Space is a private and safe place for you to rest, rehydrate and receive support in Surfers Paradise. Located at the top of Cavill Mall on The Esplanade, the Schoolies Support Space operates daily from 10am – 1 am, and is free for young people in need to attend.
  • Emergency Treatment Centre – head here for free treatment for medical emergencies or any mental health concerns. Located on the Esplanade and open from 7pm nightly.
  • Chill Out Zone – providing a safe and supervised chill out space for those who are drug or alcohol affected, offering free water, first aid and general support. The Chill Out Zone van can be found in the nightclub precinct on Orchid Avenue, from 9pm nightly.
  • Red Frogs – whether they need help mediating a problem with roommates, a walk home back to their accommodation or would simply love an in-room pancake cook up for them and their mates, Red Frogs Australia are the people for the job. Get your teen to call the Red Frogs hotline on 1300 557 123 (available 24 hours a day) or download the Red Frogs Schoolies app. Please note: this is not an emergency hotline - Schoolies requiring emergency assistance should always call Triple Zero (000).

The Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response is activated during the peak Schoolies period – the week that follows is sometimes referred to as ‘Week 2’. If your teen is visiting the Gold Coast after Friday 26 November 2021, make sure you check out our section on 'Week 2' for information on what support is available.