School leavers

Looking after yourself and others

The end of school is traditionally a time to celebrate all your hard work with friends. It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It’s also a time of great change and uncertainty. Throw a pandemic in the to mix and well, here we are in a not so normal year.

By now, you would typically be planning who’s sleeping in which room, saving madly and thinking about what your week at Schoolies is going to look like. But thanks to COVID-19, your end of year preparations are looking very different.

COVID and Schoolies aside, you still have so much to be proud of. Finishing Year 12 is an amazing achievement on its own, but you’re part of the cohort that did it through a pandemic. You’re resilient, part of history and you graduated!

Whilst you may not be able to celebrate this significant milestone at Schoolies with your friends, there will still be plenty of opportunities to recognise your success and be with your friends in the future.

You will still face situations of great responsibility and risk and we want to help you safely navigate what can often be a tricky time.

To help you make these moments in time memorable for all the right reasons, make sure you check out the everyday tips and advice you’ll find below and beyond. We want you to Be safe and watch your mates.

  • COVID-19


  • Mental wellbeing

    Schoolies is often promoted as the best week of your life but for some, this may not always be the case. It's completely normal for you to feel emotional highs and lows.

  • Alcohol

    You don't need to drink to have a great time at Schoolies. Alcohol may be considered to be the most socially acceptable drug, however, it is responsible for more drug-related deaths and trauma within youth than any other drug.

  • Drugs

    The safest way to stay safe around drugs at Schoolies is to say no and not use them. Drugs are not worth the risk!

  • Sex

    If you choose to engage in sexual activity at Schoolies, it's important for you to decide if you want to have sex, that you both consent to the sexual activity and that you have safe sex every time.

  • Accommodation

    You may think your accommodation may be one of the safest places to be at Schoolies, but it can often be the place where a lot of risk taking behaviour occurs.

  • Social media and privacy

    If it didn't happen on social media, it didn't happen right? When you upload photos or video to social media, you run the risk of not knowing where it may end up.

  • Out and about

    Worried about staying safe at Schoolies? We've come up with a list of easy and practical tips to help you stay safe so you can have an enjoyable Schoolies for all the right reasons.

  • Rights and responsibilities

    Information about your rights and responsibilities.

  • Support on the ground

    Support available for school leavers during the school leaver holiday period