Relationships and wellbeing

Schoolies is a great opportunity to hang out with your friends, meet new people and celebrate the end of school. It is often promoted as 'the best week of your life' but for some, it may not always be fun. The human body is not designed to work without sleep, food or water so non-stop partying for seven days is unrealistic - no matter how fit and healthy you are.

If you take care of yourself and your mates, enjoy some downtime as well as the busy times, your Schoolies experience is sure to be a good one.

  • Mental wellbeing

    Schoolies is often promoted as the best week of your life but for some, this may not always be the case. It's completely normal for you to feel emotional highs and lows.

  • Friendships and expectations

    When talking to past schoolies, they always mention 'spending time with their friends' as their favourite thing about Schoolies. A way to value your friendships is to make sure you’re communicating with each other in the lead up to, and during Schoolies.

  • Communication

    Haven't spoken to the parentals about Schoolies yet? Take some time to sit down with them and come up with a plan about how you're going to keep in touch.

  • Sex

    If you choose to engage in sexual activity at Schoolies, it’s important for you to decide if you want to have sex, that you both consent to the sexual activity and that you have safe sex every time.