• Tips and advice to help you act responsibly and with respect during Schoolies.

  • Make sure you’re aware of the relevant laws wherever you to choose to celebrate your Schoolies.

  • Rights and responsibilities when it comes to your Schoolies accommodation.

Whilst Schoolies is all about having fun, it's important to remember to make good choices by acting responsibly and with respect.

Respecting the local community

It's important to remember that Schoolies locations are also areas where other people live, work and play.

  • be mindful that permanent residents and other holiday makers may also be staying in your accommodation
  • keep the noise down – especially after hours and when accessing common areas e.g. lifts, foyers
  • respect hotel managers and their rules
  • when visiting local shops, restaurants and venues, be aware that some may have conditions of entry displayed. Always be polite and courteous and abide by entry conditions
  • public spaces are for everyone to enjoy. Be mindful of your language, only urinate in bathrooms and don't leave your rubbish behind
  • do not obstruct the police and emergency services in any way in the execution of their duties.

Respect yourself and your peers

When asked, past Schoolies always say that spending time with their friends is the best part. Value your friendships by showing respect to others.

  • have a conversation with your mates about your values, morals and acceptable behaviour to make sure that you’re all on the same page during Schoolies
  • everyone has the right to feel safe and have a good time. When you’re at the Beach Party, keep your hands to yourself and respect others
  • respect the rights of others to say NO
  • don’t do something that you normally wouldn't do just because your peers are doing it
  • sexual assault is a crime – only yes means yes
  • respect the cultures, diversity, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others (even if you don't agree)
  • don't make one decision or wrong choice now that could possibly ruin your future
  • if you're concerned about a friend's choices or behaviour, try to talk to them directly as it's never a good idea to talk about them behind their back
  • always ask permission before uploading and/or tagging a photo or video of others to social media
  • remember that everyone has the right to an environment free of fear, harassment, racism and exploitation.