Other locations

Not heading to one of the usual Schoolies holiday destinations? Regardless of where you are choosing to celebrate, we encourage you to check out our general Schoolies safety information throughout our site as well as the tips below.

It’s also a good idea to check out Red Frogs Australia to see where the Red Frogs crew will be providing support to school leavers.

No matter where your Schoolies celebrations will take you, make sure you be safe and watch your mates.

  • Staying safe

    Whilst Schoolies is all about having fun with your friends, it also brings with it responsibility and risks - regardless of where you are choosing to celebrate. To help you plan ahead and safely navigate the risks associated with Schoolies, we suggest that you check out some of our top safety tips to help keep your end of year celebrations safe, fun and memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Heading overseas

    As well as checking out our top safety tips and advice for all schoolies, we suggest you check out the Schoolies specific advice provided by Smartraveller.

  • Other popular Schoolies destinations

    Some other popular destinations around Australia.