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Make the most of Schoolies

  • Stick together

    Information about the importance of sticking with your mates and staying safe at Schoolies.

  • Staying in touch

    Before you leave for Schoolies, it’s important to talk to your parents or carer about your plans.

  • What to expect

    Find out how to manage your expectations of Schoolies to ensure that you can have fun while staying healthy and safe.

  • It’s ok to walk away

    Tips on avoiding confrontation and looking after mates at Schoolies.

  • Alcohol

    Information for schoolies and parents about alcohol and drink spiking.

  • Drugs

    Information about the risks of taking drugs and what to do in an emergency.

  • Sexual health

    Information for schoolies about safe sex and sexual assault.

  • Emotional health

    Advice for schoolies about supporting their friends and seeking help if they are experiencing anxiety or depression.

  • Respect

    Whilst Schoolies is all about having fun and celebrating your hard work with your friends, it's important not to forget to make good choices by acting responsibly and with respect.

  • Privacy and social media

    Information for schoolies about protecting their privacy while using social media and the risks of sexting.

  • Balcony safety

    Tips to avoid risky behaviour on balconies.

  • Travel safe

    Information about getting around safely at Schoolies.

  • Sun and surf

    Advice for sun, surf and boating safety at Schoolies.

  • What should I do?

    Advice for avoiding risk and what to do in an emergency.


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