It’s ok to walk away

You have a choice. Avoid violence or risk serious physical, emotional and criminal consequences. A fight could ruin your life – or someone else's. 

If your friends are having a heated argument that could escalate into a physical fight, you can help by following these simple tips.

  • Distract them with an activity or introduce them to another friend. Ask them if they want to get a kebab or go to the beach party. The security guards at the beach party will ensure your friend stays out of trouble.
  • Separate them to allow them to cool down.
  • Ask a police officer or security guard to help diffuse the situation. There are lots of people available to help at Schoolies if you need it.

If someone is trying to start a fight with you:

  • Create distance between you and them – face them and put your hands up and tell them you don’t want any trouble.
  • Breathe evenly and try to stay calm. Don’t engage with the bully if they are using verbal insults.
  • Slowly move to where there are people or police or security guards. Try not to turn your back to the bully.
  • Once the fight is diffused, leave the area. 

Even if violence does not end in death, it can cause significant long-term injuries, such as brain damage. An assault conviction means you could end up with a criminal record, be sent to jail, pay huge fines and lose employment prospects or the chance to travel overseas.

Statistics show that young men aged 15 to 25 are the most likely to be assault victims or offenders. Be smart and don't fight! Fighting can have long-term consequences, including jail time.


Your friend is arguing with someone?

Matt* was always the loud one in our group. When he was drunk he was even louder. He started niggling some older guys and they were getting really angry. I was worried if Matt didn’t leave them alone he was going to get hurt.

What should I do?

Fights can have very serious consequences, including death. There are a few things you can do to avoid your friend getting in a fight. The best thing to do is to walk away. You might convince your friend it is time to go by making a joke, encouraging him to go get some food, distracting him with a fake phone call, or dragging him away so he can cool down. If that doesn’t work, get a security staff member or police officer to help.

* Real names have not been used.