Stick together

Worried about staying safe at Schoolies? The best thing you can do is stay close to your mates, especially when you’re out and about. If you ever find yourself in trouble, you can count on your friends to help out and you should do the same for them.

While at Schoolies, it's also a good idea to:

  • Always go out with at least one other person you know.
  • Ask a volunteer to walk you back to your hotel or accommodation if you get separated from your friends.
  • Remember to keep credit on your phone and $20 stashed away somewhere safe in case you need to take a taxi or catch public transport.
  • Organise a meeting point to catch up with your friends, in case you get separated.
  • Make sure your friends know who you want them to call in an emergency.
  • It goes without saying, but make sure you always carry photo ID.
  • It may sound silly, but make sure you know where you’re staying. When you arrive at Schoolies, put your hotel address in the notes section of your phone or save it as a destination in your maps app. It can be easy to lose your way in the dark – if you know the address you can use your smartphone to help you navigate your way home. Every year the volunteers who walk schoolies back to their hotel report stories of people who didn’t know where they were staying. Don't be that person!

Staying safe

  • If you feel uncomfortable about a place or you sense danger from someone, trust your instincts and leave immediately.
  • If someone is hassling you, move to another area or get help from a friend, volunteer, security or police officer. Don't be afraid to approach them – you won't get in trouble if you're intoxicated, they are there to keep you safe.
  • If a friend is acting strangely, or unable to control themselves because they have drunk too much or have taken something harmful, get them medical attention. Ambulance officers will not call the police unless there is a risk to their physical safety, a death has occurred or someone has been assaulted. Don't leave your friend alone with a stranger – you don't know what their intentions are!


Someone you just met said they’d take care of your drunk friend?

My friends and I were drinking at our apartment and decided to head down to the beach party. We had already agreed on a plan to look out for each other.

We had been dancing on the beach for a while when a group of older guys walked past, whistling and calling out to us, so we waved them over to join us.

My friend started feeling really sick all of a sudden and puked everywhere. Everyone started laughing, but one of the guys came over and asked if she was OK and started leading her away from our group. A couple of us started to follow her but he said they didn't need to worry ‘cause he'd look after her.

What should I do?

As tempting as it is to go back to dancing, don’t leave your friends alone with someone you don’t know well. You don't know what their motives are. Make sure you and your friends have a safety plan and stick to it. Make sure everyone has their phones with them and call them if you don’t know where they are or who they are with.

Remember that, like you, most schoolies are out to have a great time and celebrate finishing school, but not everyone deserves your trust if you don’t know them.

* Real names have not been used.