Airlie Beach

The Whitsunday Regional Council, with the support of the Queensland Government and numerous volunteer and community organisations, coordinates the comprehensive safety and activity program for Schoolies in Airlie Beach, making Schoolies as safe as possible for you and the community.

In 2019, Whitsundays Schoolies will be held from Saturday 16 November to Friday 22 November.


If you are a 2019 Year 12 school leaver heading to Airlie Beach you will need to register to get a Schoolies ID. To register you must show valid Year 12 photo ID, proving that you are a current Year 12 school leaver in 2019. You can either pre register prior to Schoolies or register when you arrive at Schoolies Central. 

To find out more about Schoolies at Airlie Beach, including registration, entertainment and activities at Schoolies Central or how to get around, visit the Whitsunday Regional Council Schoolies website and like Whitsunday Schoolies Facebook page for up to date information.

Important information

Be shark smart

It is important to be aware that sharks inhabit the Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland coast including freshwater estuaries, canals and streams.

To reduce the risk of negative interactions with sharks:

  • Swim at patrolled beaches, between the flags and obey the lifeguard’s advice and signage.
  • Sharks are more actively hunting at dawn and dusk - these are times when swimming should be avoided.
  • Always swim, snorkel or dive with a buddy.
  • Be mindful of water conditions. Do not swim in murky or unclear waters as this can increase the potential of mistaken interactions with sharks.
  • Never clean fish or discard food scraps over the side of your boat at anchorages.
  • Don’t forget to use on-board holding tanks while in anchorage. Even black waste can attract fish which in turn attracts predators.
  • Do not swim near or interfere with shark control equipment.