What support is available?

There is always someone to help

To help keep your Schoolies experience as safe as possible, a range of FREE support is provided for schoolies holidaying on the Gold Coast during Saturday 16 – Friday 22 November 2019.

Whether you need a friend to talk to, someone to walk you home, an in-room pancake cook up or first aid, know that there will always be someone available to help you - without judgement.

Head to one of our Recharge Zones, reach out to one of our many Safer Schoolies volunteers (they're the friendly crew in the bright orange vests) or call the Red Frogs Hotline. You can always ask a friend to reach out on your behalf if you don't feel comfortable.

The Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response is activated during the peak Schoolies period – the week that follows is sometimes referred to as ‘Week 2’. If you are visiting the Gold Coast after Friday 22 November 2019, make sure you check out FAQs page.

You can trust a Safer Schoolies Volunteer

Each year, hundreds of dedicated and caring volunteers give up their time to help keep schoolies as safe as possible.

Safer Schoolies volunteers (the crew in the bright orange vests) patrol in groups of four nightly and provide a first point of contact for schoolies in need – without judgement.

Some of the many ways Safer Schoolies volunteers can help you or friends:

  • provide a ‘walk home service’ to accompany you back to your accommodation – never walk alone
  • look after you if you’ve had too much to drink or are drug affected
  • help you to a Recharge Zone for a quiet place to rest and rehydrate
  • provide a friendly face to talk to, regardless of the situation
  • get you basic first aid or emergency medical treatment when needed
  • provide you with general items e.g. band aids and condoms
  • comfort and connect you to mental health services when needed
  • help you with general information or directions.

Recharge Zones

Staffed by trained volunteers, Recharge Zones are free, private places for you to rest, rehydrate and receive support in Surfers Paradise. Operating nightly between 7pm and midnight, the Recharge Zones receive visits from thousands of schoolies, often just for a friendly chat, some time out or a drink of water.

During the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response, there are three Recharge Zones activated:

  • Recharge Zone 1 – inside the Beach Party near the North Stage
  • Recharge Zone 2 – on the Esplanade outside the Beach Party (between Hanlan Street and Cavill Mall)
  • Recharge Zone 3 – inside the Beach Party near the South Stage

Chill Out Zone

During the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response, Gold Coast Youth Service activate their Chill Out Zone nightly in Orchid Avenue to support schoolies. Similar to the Recharge Zones, the Chill Out Zone is a free, private place for you or your friends to rest, rehydrate and receive support in the Surfers Paradise nightclub strip.

  • located next to the Hilton, the Chill Out Zone operates nightly from 9:30pm – 3:30am.

Emergency Treatment Centre

The Emergency Treatment Centre (ETC) provides free, emergency medical treatment for schoolies in need.

The (ETC) is manned by paramedics, doctors, nurses, SES volunteers and has an onsite ambulance for emergency transportation when required.

  • located on The Esplanade (adjacent to the Soul roundabout) operates nightly from 7pm – 2am.

Accommodation Outreach

Need some help mediating a problem with your roommates, a walk home back to your accommodation or would simply love a pancake cook up for you and your mates? Well Red Frogs Australia are your people. Their team of volunteers are available to support you in your accommodation.

Please note: this is not an emergency hotline. Schoolies requiring emergency assistance should always call Triple Zero (000).

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