Information for parents and guardians

Soon, your teen may be moving away from home, so Schoolies can be a special time with friends they may not get to see much of in the future. It might also be the first time your teen has been away on holidays by themselves.

As parents and guardians, whilst you may be excited for your teen, the end-of-year celebrations can often leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your teen, but that's where we come in. We're here to help you prepare your school leaver for a safe and memorable Schoolies celebration.

To help your teen keep these moments in time memorable for all the right reasons, check out the everyday tips and advice.

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How to get access to the
Schoolies Hub

Looking for the best place to party at Schoolies? Well make sure you head down to the Schoolies Hub right on Surfers Paradise beach.

  • Register online

    Registration will open closer to Schoolies 2022

  • Bring your QR Code & school ID

    Visit the Wristband Centre when you arrive in Surfers Paradise to collect your wristband

  • Wristband = Entry

    Show your wristband to security

  • Celebrate in the Schoolies Hub

    Nightly from 7pm

We couldn’t do it without our volunteers

Every year, hundreds of dedicated and caring volunteers give up their time to help make Schoolies as safe as possible.

Safer Schoolies volunteers patrol in groups and provide a first point of contact for school leavers and the local community in need.

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Support on the Gold Coast

To help keep your Schoolies experience as safe as possible, a range of FREE support is provided for schoolies holidaying on the Gold Coast.

Whether you need a friend to talk to, someone to walk you home, an in-room pancake cook up or first aid, know that there will always be someone available to help you – without judgement.

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