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Safer Schoolies

Completion of Year 12 is traditionally a time of celebration for students across Australia. Friends head off to various 'Schoolies' locations for a well-deserved break to mark a milestone in their lives.

The Queensland Government does not promote Schoolies, rather it responds to the schoolies phenomenon.

In a whole-of-government approach, Safer Schoolies is focussed on enhancing the safety of young people and decreasing risk taking behaviour. Via communication, diversionary activities, identification and on the ground support, Safer Schoolies supports school leavers in making good choices, while celebrating within a controlled environment.

Safer Schoolies delivers support and services to key Queensland tourism destinations that attract end of Year 12 school leavers holidaying together.

Safer Schoolies is supported by several government departments, along with local councils and numerous volunteering and community partners. Focused on enhancing the safety and encouraging responsible behaviour of school leavers, while minimising disruption to local communities, Safer Schoolies is centred on three core principles:

  1. Better coordination through partnerships
  2. Increased safety
  3. Increased awareness of rights and responsibilities 

Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response

The Gold Coast has been the chosen destination for many Queensland high school graduates since the 1970s. The Queensland Government’s Safer Schoolies operates a safety response for the first week of Schoolies each year focused on enhancing the safety of young people and decreasing risk taking behaviour.

The Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response is free for legitimate Year 12 school leavers. It includes wristbanding for legitimate Year 12 school leavers, providing seven days access to a drug and alcohol-free beach party where they can celebrate in the company of their peers. In addition, the Response week features on the ground support provided by numerous government agencies and services, community and volunteer organisations.

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