• When drinking

    It's important to set clear rules and expectations around alcohol early on.

  • Around drugs

    As a parent/guardian, drug use is often one of the biggest concerns when it comes to allowing your teen to celebrate Schoolies.

  • With sex

    When it comes to sex, don't assume that your teen is across it all.

  • Out and about

    Information for when you're child is out at Schoolies.

  • With social media and privacy

    Leading up to Schoolies, make time to share some tips on how your teen can keep themselves safe whilst using social media.

  • Accommodation

    You may think that the safest place for your teen to hang out during Schoolies is in their accommodation but often, it can be the place where risk taking behaviour is at its highest.

  • During schoolies

    Your teen may have zero expectations of staying in contact with you whilst their away at Schoolies but we encourage parents / guardians to stay in touch with their teens during their time away.

Top ten discussion points for staying safe when out and about at Schoolies:

  1. Stick together - make sure they always have a one responsible friend to hang with and if they’ve had enough for the night, make sure they don’t leave anyone behind. And if they decide to go back to someone else’s apartment, always make sure they always have a friend accompany them.
  2. Get your teen to pre-arrange a meeting point in case they get separated from their friends
  3. If your teen or friend have had too much to drink or are feeling overwhelmed, they can always ask a Safer Schoolies volunteer (Gold Coast) or head to the Chill Out Zone or one of the Recharge Zones for assistance
  4. Save their hotel address in the notes section of their phone or save it as a destination in their maps app.
  5. It might sound over the top but remind your teen to always wear shoes – it’s quite common for schoolies to encounter glass, sharp objects and burning bitumen in their travels
  6. It’s important that they keep their hands to themselves – touching or groping without consent is assault.
  7. Remind your teen that they always have a choice – be the bigger person and always walk away from fights
  8. Get your teen to download the free . It helps identify their location and seek assistance in the event of an emergency.
  9. Don't let them forget to set up their Medical ID on their smartphone. Having Medical ID available from the lock screen of a phone allows quick access to vital medical information as well as details of who to contact in case of an emergency
  10. Remember to respect the local community and environment – people also work, live and holiday in Schoolies destinations.