• Mental wellbeing

    Schoolies is often promoted as the best week of your life but for some, this may not always be the case. It's completely normal for you to feel emotional highs and lows.

  • Friendships and expectations

    When talking to past schoolies, they always mention 'spending time with their friends' as their favourite thing about Schoolies. A way to value your friendships is to make sure you’re communicating with each other in the lead up to, and during Schoolies.

  • Communication

    Haven't spoken to the parentals about Schoolies yet? Take some time to sit down with them and come up with a plan about how you're going to keep in touch.

  • Sex

    If you choose to engage in sexual activity at Schoolies, it’s important for you to decide if you want to have sex, that you both consent to the sexual activity and that you have safe sex every time.

Communicating with parents

Haven't spoken to the parentals about Schoolies yet? Take some time to sit down with them and come up with a plan about how you're going to keep in touch. They may be worried about your safety so having a plan will help them to rest a little easier.

It's a good idea to:

  • set a time each day for them to call you (make sure it’s not too early)
  • give them a friend’s mobile number in case yours isn’t charged
  • let them know where you’re staying and who with.

Identify a trusted adult in your life – whether it be an aunty, neighbour, parent or family friend. Identify that one special person that you trust and can talk to about your feelings.

Touch base with them before Schoolies and let them know that they’re your chosen person and ask if it’s okay you contact them if you need someone to talk to whilst you’re away. You may not need to, but it’s good to know that there’s always someone you can reach out to.

Communicating with friends

Before Schoolies:

  • talk to your friends about your expectations, your plans for the week, what behaviour you think is acceptable and how you agree to resolve any potential conflict. Don’t forget to cover finances and what you are expected to pay for.
  • let your friends know who you want them to contact on your behalf in the event of an emergency.

During Schoolies:

  • make sure your friends know where you are at all times. If you plan on leaving the Schoolies Hub early, always let your friends know.
  • always seek approval from your roommates before you bring anyone back to your accommodation.
  • check in with your friends throughout the week to see how they are going. They might need a night off from partying but didn’t feel comfortable saying so. Be a good friend and spend the night in if that’s what they need.

Who you gonna call?

As part of your Schoolies prep, make sure you have all emergency contacts saved in your phone.

We also suggest that you include:

  • your friend's parents contact details (and vice versa)
  • the number of a trusted adult that you can talk to about your feelings or situation at any time.
  • Red Frogs Hotline - 1300 557 123
  • Safer Schoolies Hotline - 13 QGOV (13 74 68) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And remember, in the event of an emergency, don't ever risk it. Always call Triple Zero (000).

Ambulance and Paramedics are not the police – never let fear of getting in trouble stop you from calling an ambulance in an emergency. Your safety is their number one priority.